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Lemon Juice & Tea Tree Oil Removes Dandruff! Here’s How To Apply!

BEAUTY Hair May 14, 2018 0 Comments

The presence of dandruff indicates that the scalp must be dry, inappropriate scrubbing or seborrhoeic dermatitis- a condition that causes red, flaky and itchy skin as a result of too much yeast that’s present on oily areas of the skin. Dandruff is a threat to maintaining a healthy hair and long hair due to the dryness of the scalp but the…

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Why The Tara Dual Mineral Powder Is Perfect For Your Melanin Skin+ It’s Available On The Kamdora Store!

BEAUTY March 22, 2018 0 Comments

Most times we depend on “International brands”to do the work that our homegrown beauty brands tend to do. Yes, we mostly underestimate our Nigerian beauty brands just because we feel the “big names” are there to tend for our melanin skin. The Tara Dual Mineral Powder is not just a name but it’s high in function. It’s a powder with…

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Di’Ja Releases New Maternity Pictures 11 Days After Giving Birth To Her Daughter!

ENTERTAINMENT FASHION and STYLE March 20, 2018 0 Comments

Maternity shoots are a way of revealing your pregnancy status. While some women choose to express themselves openly without hiding facts that they are expectant some choose to be witty about their pregnancy. Afterall, it’s, however, they please to share with the world, they would and it’s in their power to reveal or not. Who even brought the idea of…

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Watch This! – How To Walk In Heels & Other Hacks By Jackie Aina

Fashion FASHION and STYLE Uncategorized August 15, 2017 0 Comments

Wearing heels could be a struggle or could turn your whole outfit around depending on how you work it. Some women have trouble walking with heels and even though wearing comfortable flat shoes can definitely be fashionable too, some women would love to try being a few inches taller. This video by Youtuber Jackie Aina shows us a few hacks…

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