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Fashion: Lola Omonaija Rocks The African Print Bardot Dress 100%!

Fashion FASHION and STYLE July 2, 2017 0 Comments

You can tell it’s Lola Omonaija as she is fondly called or better yet known via Instagram by her big kinky hair bundled in an updo or bra-length brown faux locs she has on. You can tell that I love “stalking” Instagram fashionistas by now because Lola is one helluva doll that can’t go unnoticed. Let’s admit the fact that African bardot…

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Rocking Heels without Pain

How To's February 8, 2016 0 Comments

How to Rock Heels without Pain Ever wonder how celebrities like Kim Kardashian manage to wear heels all day long? Even while heavily pregnant? I mean, hey, don’t they feel the same pain and strain we feel? How about walking into a party with gorgeous stilettos and feeling all fly and sexy, then your feet unexpectedly twist to the side…

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