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Asoebi Styles #131: A Bit Of Sheer Will Hurt Nobody!

Asoebi Styles Fashion February 24, 2018 1 Comments

Talk about what’s in vogue in town, the bridal circles is your best inspiration especially the traditional wedding scenes. From the most flashy colours to the infinite layers of gele tied, the Nigerian traditional wedding scene will always stand out. Sheer may have been overlooked by many but it definitely has a bigger comeback to the scene. With a bit…

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Wedding Glam: Bridal Tuxedo Inspired By Janelle Monae!

Wedding Glam Weddings March 27, 2017 0 Comments

Bridal Tuxedo is such a cool way of switching up on the typical wedding attire or garb. Personally, I don’t like to look like everyone else, so this is the way to go. Traditionally, Tuxedos  (American English) or Dinner jackets/suits (British English)  are part of semi-formal attire for men. It is usually black or midnight blue in colour and worn…

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Wedding Glam: Tara Durotoye At 40 Looking Like 21!

Wedding Glam Weddings March 14, 2017 0 Comments

Tara Fela-Durotoye is a beauty entrepreneur and founder of prominent Nigeria makeup brand, House of Tara. By profession, she is a lawyer and also a makeup artist. The superwoman was the pioneer of bridal makeup profession as well as owning a makeup brand and also starting the first makeup school in Nigeria. She has ben recognised for her entrepreneurial capabilities…

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Boity Thulo – “The Best South Africa Has To Offer” In Wedding Glam Ready Outfits!

Wedding Glam Weddings March 9, 2017 0 Comments

Boity Thulo full name Boitumelo is a South African Actress, TV Host and a Style Influencer. She is often spotted being controversial with her personality and style in one way or another. However, when it comes to fashion and style, she SLAAAAYS.  We love how she knows who she is and always owns her style. Recently, she trended on Instagram in…

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