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Just Before You Scroll Over Let’s See What’s In Patricia Bright’s Sexy Underwear Haul!

Fashion May 3, 2017 0 Comments

Hauling is another word shopping and who doesn’t love shopping? Underwear shopping may not really be as important as shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. Some ladies have issues with that after all, isn’t underwear something you yank on and still cover? Who really sees it and who cares what colours maybe some questions you may ask. But shopping for hauling…

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How To Have Your ‘Lady Parts’ Constantly Smelling Fresh!

ASK KAMDORA Health & Fitness How To's February 17, 2017 4 Comments

So a lot of women have issues with their ‘Lady Parts’ and are quite sensitive about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of as we are all women and experience similar things from time to time. Now the issue of having ‘Lady Parts’ that smell like lavender and roses is a myth. Your lady parts have bacteria and have a…

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EVENTS Sponsored Post January 27, 2017 1 Comments

LINGERIE LUST POP–UP & BRUNCH – See It! Lust It! Shop It! Lingerie Lust presents a Pop-Up and Brunch- an afternoon of bottomless mimosas, cupcakes, lingerie shopping and girl talk. Looking to spice things up in your relationship or for the right under garments to enhance your style? We definitely got you! What The Day Holds? With discounts on lingerie,…

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