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Fashion Week Lately: Versacé’s Confident Outburst Of Colourful Prints, Headscarves, Macro Belt & Plaid Patch Work At The Milan Fashion Week!

Fashion FASHION and STYLE February 26, 2018 0 Comments

Versacé is in the business of making us fall in love with fashion, street style and comebacks. Of all the fashion weeks from the Nyfw, Lfw, Milan seems to be where all the juice flows! Versacé is definitely setting a huge trend for their FW18 collection showcased a day ago with inviting bold hues. The silky colourful prints, gold-crusted macro belts,…

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Fashion Trend: This Off-White Strap Is About To Be The Biggest Trend This Year!

Accessories Fashion FASHION and STYLE October 16, 2017 0 Comments

The Off-White brand (run by Virgil Abloh) re-echoes freshness, contemporary retro with a touch of innovation, class and sporty vibes. At this point, I’m wearing everything this brand puts up (in my head of course).  From the just-concluded  New York Fashion Week, Off-White made a huge entrance with their boxy silhouettes, fashion-forward accessory and a whole lot of attitude to…

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Boxy Silhouettes, Athliesure, Retro Sunglasses & More – All The Trends We Picking Up From Rihanna!

FASHION and STYLE October 16, 2017 0 Comments

First, a moment of victorious silence for the Style Queen that is Rihanna. ………………………………………… We may now proceed. Lol. Rihanna is undoubtedly a fashion icon. She sets, creates and embodies style and trends. Her risque fashion choices, though might come off looking raggedly on others, have this way of setting her apart and firmly above her contemporaries. In recent times,…

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Fashion: Chic Ama Is No Learner With The Ruffle Style Trend!

Fashion FASHION and STYLE July 18, 2017 0 Comments

Ruffles have become more sophisticated over time! I would cringe at any outfit with a bit of ruffle detail however nicely it was placed but that has changed since the ruffle trends crawled back to the fashion scene. Switch up your look in an elegant ruffle detail on your dress and look sophisticated as never before. Chic Ama leaves us speechless and…

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