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Power S3 E5 Recap: Holly Finally Orders a Hit on Ghost, Is He Dead?

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Apologies again Kamdora Tribe for the arrival of the recap. It’s been a very busy week at Kamdora HQ. It’s the unfortunate intelligent woman like Angela that has not figured there’s a rat in Lobos’ task force. Corrupt law enforcer Michael San Val (Mike) aka Lobos b*t*h is still on a mission to jeopardise the case. Since the emergence of…

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Power S3 E4 Recap: “Don’t Worry Baby, Everything is Going to be Alright” says Holly to Tommy

Reviews August 24, 2016 0 Comments

Apology Kamdora Tribe for the late posting of this episode. As anticipated, it didn’t take Kanan a long time to go back to his corrupt ways. He assisted his corrupt cop cousin Jukebox in successfully executing an armed robbery of a jewellery store with other recruits which ended with Kanan killing the recruit that works in  the store. Jukebox allowed the…

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