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How To Heal A Sunburn Overnight

How To's Skin March 10, 2016 1 Comments

How To Heal A Sunburn Overnight Hello Kamdolls! Alright, so maybe we dark-skinned girls don’t get “sunburnt”. That doesn’t mean our light-skinned sisters don’t. And the fact that our skin doesn’t turn red and become irritable doesn’t mean we’re totally immune to the effect of direct harsh sunlight. So whether you’re light-skinned and “sunburnt” or dark-skinned and itchy from the sun,…

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DIY: Waxing Your Armpit

DIY Tutorials Skin December 1, 2014 0 Comments

Thank you so much for your feed backs kamdolls. After so many requests, we have decided to do a continuing part of the how to prevent black armpits article (if you missed it, read HERE). Waxing is a preferred and safer alternative to shaving as it removes the hair from the roots and leaves you feeling fresh. Before we start,…

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Dealing With Sunburn

Skin October 27, 2014 3 Comments

Sunburns can occur in all skin types. Although, our skin colour (black) provides us a certain level of protection from the sun we are still very much prone to getting burned. Sunburn occurs when we expose our skin to the sun and considering our climate, it’s almost inevitable. It ususally results into redness and pain to touch. The cumulative effects of…

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