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Who Wore It Best? Stylepantry VS Skinnyhipster

Who Wore It Best September 28, 2016 0 Comments

When two top fashion influencer rock same piece, I guess that’s a sign of a trending piece you need in your wardrobe. Both creative and wonderful fashion influencers; Folake Huntoon from stylepantry.com and Nifesimi from skinnyhipster.com style is exceptional and has been recognised by top fashion houses and platforms. Folake and Nifesimi were spotted rocking this baby pink ruched sleeve…

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Corporate Drapes #234: Flared Dresses

Corporate Drapes March 31, 2016 2 Comments

Hiya Kamdolls! Great week I presume… Thank God! As today is another dress day, I am going to say a few about…  flared dresses… Who’s excited? Thanks thanks *bows*, Lol. Flared dresses are very comfortable, as the name implies. They are also mostly colourful, patterned or flowery. This doesn’t prevent the plain ones from being as beautiful as ever *wink*…

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