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Style Request: 4 Sexy Black Dresses That Will Slay Valentine’s Day

FASHION and STYLE Style Request February 13, 2019 0 Comments

4 Sexy Black Dresses That Will Slay Valentine’s Day You are not a big fan of the colour red for Valentine. Slay your Valentine’s day outfit in a sexy black dress and statement accessories and soft makeup. Valentine already comes with a lot of stress and getting your outfit right should be your Valentine gift to yourself. Don’t get carried…

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Work Style Just Got A Little Better With The Casual Queen’s New Collection

Fashion FASHION and STYLE February 4, 2019 0 Comments

Work style can be drab for some because of the restrictions often imposed in the certain workplaces. The trick is to use the imagination to bring flair into a normally drab outfit. Luckily, the Casual Queen has brought forward a collection that makes this all easier. The Casual Queen woman is beautiful, confident and sexy, She radiates class in everything…

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The Two Stylish Ways Fashionable Women Wear Yellow!

Fashion FASHION and STYLE July 30, 2018 2 Comments

Go Yellow or Go Home! Yellow is such a beautiful sunny color. It makes a statement regardless of how you style it. Before now, street style stars and fashion enthusiasts stayed away from the color, incorporating it into their style only through footwear and other accessories. Recently, the former misconceptions about this color are being put to rest and fashionistas…

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Exploratory Chicness & Eclectic Mixes; Ogo Offodile’s Style is Our Mood Board This Week!

Fashion FASHION and STYLE July 9, 2018 0 Comments

As an engineer myself who barely gets it in style every day despite working in fashion five years, I can say I’ve had the best and worst of both worlds. For Ogo Offodile, she seems to be getting it right on both front. The Nigerian-born celebrity stylist and entrepreneur has a passion for eclectic works and creative expressions. Although she…

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