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Going Out This Holiday? Let Lilian Afegbai’s Style Look Book Inspire You!

Celebrity FASHION and STYLE Style Request December 17, 2018 0 Comments

For some people, this is the last working week of the year. How else do you want to enjoy your holiday if you don’t go out or travel? Thank God, there is an event everyday in December! That is somewhere you can go if you don’t have anywhere in mind. Today I would be showing you Lilian Afegbai’s style look…

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Amal Clooney Does Work Style Perfectly!

Celebrity Fashion FASHION and STYLE April 3, 2018 0 Comments

Take style inspiration from Amal Clooney, the gorgeous human rights lawyer and wife to Hollywood veteran, George Clooney. Amal does work/office style so perfectly, she embodies most style codes of any coy. Amal does everything right – classic bags on classic pointed shoes and pump, dresses perfectly structured, pant suits so regal they scream royalty, and the effortless gorgeousness. As…

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#LFDW2017 Street Style Inspiration; Be as Dramatic as Natalia Shustova!

FASHION and STYLE October 23, 2017 0 Comments

We promised you street style inspiration and we staying true to that promise! For the edgy and bold fashionista, draw inspiration from the Queen of Bold and Edgy Fashion, Natalia Shustova. From mixed prints, thigh high boots, asymmetrical pieces, gorgeous high end accessories – Natalia nails street style every single time. Want to be Bold? Do it the Natalia way.…

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The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – Style Inspirations For The Holidays

FASHION and STYLE April 15, 2017 0 Comments

Don’t we just love holidays and festive seasons?! Personally, I like to think of festive seasons as the god father of weekends reasons being that there always are a lot more events, activities and programs lined up as opposed to the regular weekends. From shows to parties of all sorts to concerts and what have you, there are always an…

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