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Try This Sexy Smoothie To Improve Your Sex Drive

Food Health & Fitness Love, Sex and Relationships Weddings December 2, 2016 0 Comments

We Nigerians are ashamed of talking about sex because of our socio-cultural environment. As a result of this, more and more people are losing their sex drive (libido). Some of the reasons people are losing their sex drive in our community are to blamed on our lifestyle such as the food and drinks we consume. What we put in our body…

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Tasty Beetroot Smoothies You Need to Try

Food October 16, 2016 0 Comments

Beetroot juice is undeniably delicious, but that’s not all there is to this highly nutritious root vegetable. Here are Tasty Beets Root Smoothies You Need to Try as shared by Oyinda Ayodele. Though more frequently cooked or pickled, Beetroots can be eaten raw. Beet leaves are similar to spinach or kale and can be prepared and enjoyed just like any other leafy…

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Lactose-Free Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie!

Food May 12, 2016 0 Comments

My intolerance for lactose-containing foods usually has me running from dairy, which isn’t usually fun; one of life’s best things is cheese *sob* Lactose is a sugar that is a normal part of milk products. Some people do not break down lactose well, whether because they may not have enough lactase – the enzyme that breaks lactose down in the body –…

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