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If You Have Not Added Eye Creams To Your Skin Care Routine, You Need To Start NOW!!!

BEAUTY April 26, 2017 0 Comments

  I seriously  underestimated the importance of eye creams until I started living the Lagos life and waking up at ungodly hours. Then eye bags and dark circles became a permanent fixture on my face. That was when I knew I had to find a solution and my search led me to eye creams. According to dermatologists, the eyelid is…

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Have Oily Skin? Dimma Umeh (That Igbo Chick) Recommends These Foundations For You

BEAUTY Face April 21, 2017 1 Comments

Oily skin is always a great deterrent to wearing makeup for a lot of people. The thought that applying foundation can have your face all oily before noon or even worse, breaking out, is enough to stop most people from going the makeup way. Several people plagued with these problems have found some sort of way to get over this…

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Check out this Skin Finish Foundation Routine for Hyperpigmentation on Dark Skin

BEAUTY Face March 16, 2017 1 Comments

Show of hands if you are a dark skin girl… Please open the door for all dark skin girls to come in and learn something new! You can be Dark skin and have your melanin popping, yes that’s true…. Is hyperpigmentation a threat to your face? We have the solution, these Skin finish foundation for hyperpigmentation on dark skin girls…

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