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Can You Use Baby Powder As A Setting Powder? Raye Boyce Investigates

BEAUTY Beauty Trends February 27, 2019 0 Comments

Makeup is not cheap, so we are constantly looking for affordable hacks to substitute. Some of these hacks are downright crazy and dangerous, while others are surprisingly helpful. For example, I had been hearing about this particular hack where you can substitute your regular setting powder with baby powder. Raye Boyce (Itsmyrayeraye) tries out this hack with surprising results. Do…

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Can Powdering Your Face Before Applying Foundation Give You Great Results? Watch To Find Out

BEAUTY Beauty Trends July 7, 2017 1 Comments

Beauty gurus have come up with this new technique of applying setting powder to your face before foundation. This technique goes against all we know about applying foundation. You are not supposed to apply foundation on a dry surface so you don’t get patchy results. However this video with Patricia Bright shows us otherwise. Does Powder Before Foundation Work?

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