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Mastercard Wellness Month: Wrap City Is Giving Up To 17% Off Their Healthy Wraps!

Food Health & Fitness March 28, 2017 0 Comments

Wrap City  Wrap City is a healthy lifestyle brand that makes freshly made almond milk and raw vegan snacks. The foods we make are healthy, vibrant and beauty enhancing. We believe that healthy foods are the way to key into our own natural self and beauty. Check Out Wrap City Discounts Below: Option 1: Chicken Salad N1200 N1000 Option 2:…

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Mastercard Wellness Month: Healthy and Natural Is Giving 15% Discounts On Their Goodies!

Food Health & Fitness MasterCard Wellness Month March 22, 2017 0 Comments

Healthy and Natural Healthy and Natural is an online healthy food bar that serves juices, smoothies, salads or more. They boast of excellent service and foods that promote wellness and good living.   Option 1: Smoothies and Juices Small (50cl) = N800N680 Large (75cl) = N1500N1275   Option 2: Salads Price:N500N425 Option 3: Sandwich Price:N500N425 ₦500₦425 Visit: kamdora.com/mastercard for more…

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Mastercard Wellness Month: Minibees Bakery’s 12% Off On Their Yummy Treats!

Food MasterCard Wellness Month March 20, 2017 0 Comments

Minibees Bakery  Minibees Bakery is the place for you if what you need is; unique customised cakes, pastries, bread, ice cream and smoothies. They have a cute store in Victoria Island and a great record with their clients. Excellent service is guaranteed.   Option 1: Regular Smoothie made with fresh coconut milk and a choice of two fruits Price:N1000N850 Option…

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Sweet on Honey: Fruit Salad Recipe

Food May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun (owner of emerging Unisex Fashion label  Ayo Van Elmar) gave a proper analysis on the 2 kinds of natural sweeteners: Sugar and Honey and from that, we concluded that both sweeteners contain the same molecules: Glucose and fructose so none is healthier than the other! Sorry ladies 🙂 Today I’d sharing a fruit salad recipe using honey as…

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Ways To Avoid Temptation While Dieting

Health & Fitness MasterCard Wellness Month February 27, 2016 0 Comments

Ways To Avoid Temptation While Dieting “Yummy red velvet cake! Biting into one of them won’t really affect me much.” Is this something you have been telling yourself lately? Well then, I understand the ongoing temptation in you. Even the last choice on your menu seems tastier when on diet, isn’t it? Here are a few steps to help you…

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MWM Participating Merchant: Britts Foods

Food MasterCard Wellness Month January 28, 2016 1 Comments

MWM Participating Merchant: Britts Foods Founded in 2015 from their passion to make healthy living easy and convenient in Africa, Britts Foods is a stop-shop for delicious food that is healthy and good for you. They pride themselves in using locally-sourced ingredients; not just because this supports the communities, but because fresh, healthy ingredients straight from the farms taste best.…

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