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What If You Are 25 And You Are Having A Quarter Life Crisis?

Family LIFESTYLE Love, Sex and Relationships March 29, 2017 1 Comments

Being the big 2.5 is no joke! Your head does this “special” evaluation and you come to the point where you judge yourself completely. It’s either of the two; 25 came hitting you or you “really lived”. If you haven’t achieved life goals or societal expectations like getting a good job, having enough money to travel the world, getting married…

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Answer These Weird Questions And We Will Tell You What Type Of Kisser You Are!

ASK KAMDORA Love, Sex and Relationships March 13, 2017 1 Comments

What Type of Kisser Are You? Know your kisser type? There are different types in this world and believe it or not, these weird questions will tell you what type you are. Take the test below now to find out.    Create your own user feedback survey   SCORES 23-25: Messy in a good way- You’re not one of those…

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Kamdora Exclusive – Newlywed Chinwe & Afam Anekeh’s Story On How They Met, Dated, Got Engaged & Traditionally Married In 4 Months!

Love, Sex and Relationships Weddings February 22, 2017 1 Comments

Chinwe & Afam are Nigerian couple based in America. The newlyweds Chinwe Ejiofor and Afam (Afamefuna) Anekeh have really proved that love does not have a rule book. The amazing couple met on the 1st of August 2015; were engaged by September 2015; first introduction October 2015; second introduction November 2015; traditional engagement/wedding ceremony December 2015; and finally their white wedding ceremony took place…

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