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Top Ten Nigerian Cooking Spices

Food June 17, 2019 0 Comments

So many of us have vowed to keep our diets as healthy as possible, one of the major ways we can achieve this is by incorporating natural spices into our recipes rather than seasoning cubes. These spices not only offer great taste, but a truck load of health benefits too. In no particular order, we present to you our top…

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7 Fashion And Beauty New Year Resolutions To Add To Your List

Beauty Trends January 7, 2016 0 Comments

 7 Fashion And Beauty New Year Resolutions To Add To Your List Happy Thursday  beautiful ones. We are still in the spirit of resolutions so beyond the usual suspects — shedding some pounds, saving more money and making time to meditate — we’ve got a few style-specific resolutions to add to your list. Whether it’s donating the clothes you never wear…

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Discover Beauty for Free with MallforAfrica!

NEWS October 29, 2015 0 Comments

Free shipping to Nigeria from Sephora Beauty, Clinique, Mac cosmetics, and more via MallforAfrica.com Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your favorite lipstick shade, or there are so many knock offs of your foundation, powder, eye liner, concealer that you don’t even know which is the real thing anymore? Or how rare and overpriced brushes and applicators are?…

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How to Stop Being A Shopaholic

LIFESTYLE July 7, 2015 1 Comments

  How to Stop Being A Shopaholic  Many of us are shopaholics or we know somebody who is. Its a really big problem because you just keep buying and buying, I used to be a shopaholic but  thank goodness I’ve recovered, the thing about shopaholics is they keep buying no matter what, they don’t care if they’re broke and they…

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Black Friday 2014: Rules + Where To Shop!

NEWS November 28, 2014 0 Comments

Black Friday may have started out as an American style of doing business, but many Nigerian beauty and spa stores, clothing boutiques and jewellery outlets are also getting on the price-slashing campaign. The day after thanksgiving (which is today) marks the beginning of Christmas shopping as these retail outlets offer tempting discounts across a wide variety of their products. But kamdolls remember that Black Friday…

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New Arrivals at Ella.Ng

NEWS November 22, 2014 3 Comments

Hey Kamdolls, We told you about an online fashion store, Ella.ng  in our previous post (read HERE), well great news…they have restocked! The trendiest and classiest pieces from work clothes to casual wears are available at very affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Go now to  www.ella.ng and start shopping! Let us know what you think… leave your comments below… xoxo

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