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Watch This: Moisturise Your Dry Natural Hair With These Four Steps

Hair How To's April 13, 2017 0 Comments

Fusion of Cultures really has some of the best tips on YouTube on beauty and natural hair care and treatment. This video gotten from the channel shows how to moisturise dry natural hair in four steps while retaining the length and reducing build up on low porosity hair. Natural hair comes with several challenges and one of the most common…

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4 Steps To Moisturise Your Natural Hair This Season

Hair How To's December 14, 2015 0 Comments

 4 Steps To Moisturise Your Natural Hair This Season Good day Kamdolls, how’s your week going? I’m sure our Naturalista’s have been holding up fine on their own. Like I’ve mentioned severally, I’ve transitioning for a while now and this weather hasn’t been friendly to my mane. I’d like to share my moisturising and revitalizing routine with you guys. As this dry and hot harmattan…

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