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Mondays Are For Manicures – Acrylics, Gels & Silks; The 3 Major Types Of Artificial Nails

Nails May 8, 2017 0 Comments

For most people, artificial nails offers a long lasting solution to perfect manicures. Where nail polish has been known to come off ordinary nails in less than 3 days, for artificial nails, you can have up to 4 weeks of perfection. For those who struggle with the different types of artificial nails around, this post sheds more light on it…

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Best Matching Lipstick with Nail Polish Just for You!!

Beauty Trends Nails February 8, 2017 2 Comments

Let your lip color inspire your nail polish color quality! Whether your manicure intentions are to inspire or admire, this will surely fulfill your nail-polishing needs. Whether you’re opting to go color-coordinated or you’re looking for something more daring, this amazing nail inspiration will get you inspired. Click through to find some enticing nail polish and lipstick pairings that are…

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