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Can You Use Baby Powder As A Setting Powder? Raye Boyce Investigates

BEAUTY Beauty Trends February 27, 2019 0 Comments

Makeup is not cheap, so we are constantly looking for affordable hacks to substitute. Some of these hacks are downright crazy and dangerous, while others are surprisingly helpful. For example, I had been hearing about this particular hack where you can substitute your regular setting powder with baby powder. Raye Boyce (Itsmyrayeraye) tries out this hack with surprising results. Do…

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Why The Tara Dual Mineral Powder Is Perfect For Your Melanin Skin+ It’s Available On The Kamdora Store!

BEAUTY March 22, 2018 0 Comments

Most times we depend on “International brands”to do the work that our homegrown beauty brands tend to do. Yes, we mostly underestimate our Nigerian beauty brands just because we feel the “big names” are there to tend for our melanin skin. The Tara Dual Mineral Powder is not just a name but it’s high in function. It’s a powder with…

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