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10 Best Lip Colors For Dark Skin

BEAUTY February 7, 2019 1 Comments

Finding the best lipstick color for your darker skin tone can be a real struggle. You don’t want a shade of lipstick that will wash you out or blend in with your skin tone, but you don’t want a lipstick that will overpower and clash with your coloring. These 10 best lipstick colors for dark skin are simply flawless and…

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Must Know Lipstick Tricks

BEAUTY Face April 8, 2016 1 Comments

Hello Kamdivas! I’ve a very good feeling about this weekend!  Anyways, I’d love to share some lipstick tricks I know you’d love. I know matte lipsticks have made life easier for us when it comes to making our lipsticks last all day. But trust me, these tricks still apply. To make your lips look sexy, you must know about some…

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Beauty: How To Get Natural Beautiful and Fair Skin Using Vegetables + DIY Tips

Skin July 1, 2014 7 Comments

Everyone  around the world wishes to have fair skin and have been looking for products and technology to beautify and whiten skin, but the best way is to use fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as  it costs lower than any of the creams, or expensive cosmetics.On sunny days, skin pigmentation often becomes dark and freckles. The main reason is exposure to…

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