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Feeling The Blues

FASHION and STYLE September 28, 2015 0 Comments

Feeling The Blues Hey!Ladies, Today I’m feeling the blues how about you? I woke up to the bluest sky ever only for it to turn dark and start raining..sigh. So I decided to write a post on blue because you can never go wrong with the colour blue, from royal blue to sky blue even baby blue. its a super…

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The NYSC Series#2:Beauty Must Haves

BEAUTY How To's September 22, 2015 4 Comments

The NYSC Series#2:Must Haves Toiletries  Hey! Dolls, So Today my NYSC Darling’s fairy God mother has a super important post for you, its about Toiletries must haves You shouldn’t be caught dead without in camp because they are life savers. I know you might think I’m being dramatic but I’m not they are super important( emphasis on the super). You…

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Matte Nails

Nails September 15, 2015 3 Comments

Matte Nails Everything matte is trending right now, and I’m loving it. Its wayyyy better than everything glossy. All the matte colours I’ve seen so far, look great. You rarely find an unflattering matte polish compared to glossy polishes. I know many of of you are still hooked to your glossy nails and lip colors, especially my cousin *hahaha* . I…

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Baby Steps:Heels For Newbies

Accessories September 9, 2015 9 Comments

Baby Steps:Heels For Newbies Hey!Loves, How you doing “in Wendy’s voice” …lol I love watching Wendy Williams show and all her juicy gossips. Before I forget what I’m here for let me put a pause on that. Today my darlings I have a very special article dedicated to the newbies in heels, while hunting for what next to write on, I decided…

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