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How to Tell The Shape Of Your Face

BEAUTY DIY Tutorials February 8, 2019 0 Comments

A face shape is a very defining part of every person’s style however many people don’t bother figuring out their face shape. It’s super easy and understanding your face shape will give you a better understanding of what’s going to compliment your features best. Whether it’s your next haircut, new glasses, jewellery or blush type – knowing your face shape…

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Top Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Heart Shape

Celebrity News Hair July 4, 2014 0 Comments

Heart Face Shape Heart-shaped faces have a widow’s peak (a V-shaped point in the centre of the hairline) that creates the characteristic heart shape.  These ladies with heart-shape faces have fabulously structured cheekbones and pointy jawlines. Cheek-level or longer soft layers fill out the narrow chin area while wispy bangs and side parts can break up a wide forehead. Happily, most hairstyles…

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