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Want To Eat And Also Burn Belly Fat At The Same Time? Read On!

Health & Fitness May 20, 2016 0 Comments

Okay I have some “not-so-good-news”. Ready? Drop the donuts. That’s right, your favorite pastry might be detrimental to your health. According to doctors, one of the worst places your body can store fat is your midsection; that stubborn section of fat carries a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more — all things serious enough to make us take…

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How To Eat Healthy At Work

Food Health & Fitness April 8, 2016 0 Comments

Find yourself ordering takeout at work or snacking on processed foods at your desk? We discuss some simple tips to ensure you have natural and healthy food at work every single day. Hey Kamdora Tribe! A rapidly-increasing working class today has accelerated sedentary living. Most jobs see us confined to a desk or cubicle from 9AM to 5PM, and these long periods…

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Good Cholesterol vs Bad Cholesterol

Food LIFESTYLE March 29, 2016 0 Comments

Hiya Kamdolls! We women frown upon hearing the word ‘cholesterol’, don’t we? But friends, did you know that there is a type of cholesterol in our bodies that doctors term as ‘good cholesterol’? Yes, we know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Read on to know more. Why is cholesterol important for our bodies? Before I start explaining medical…

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