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Styling Guide: How To Rock Your Gladiator Sandals In 4 ways!

Accessories FASHION and STYLE July 7, 2016 0 Comments

I don’t want to know if we are time-shifting to the Greek era, I’m loving the modern twist to the gladiator sandals every true fashionista is rocking…they are everything and must be in your shoe collection! Gladiator sandals are made of authentic leather with straps which can be as high as the mid calf or on the ankle of one’s legs. They…

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All Gladz Up

Accessories September 11, 2015 2 Comments

All Gladz Up Hey! Dolls, How are y’all doing, I’m super thanks for asking….lol. So ladies I have something hot for you guys(Like Hot potatoes..lol OK I’m done). Today it’s all about the “Gladz” and not just any kind of gladz; knee high, smoking hot,sexy gladz. If your like me and have been itching to rock this statement heels then…

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What I Didn’t Know Bout Scandal

NEWS August 10, 2015 0 Comments

Scandal is Not Over Yet!  Whooop! Hey Gorgeous, Hope you had a lovely weekend? So last week while I was doing my daily round of instagram stalking (Yes! i said it! admitting it is the first to step to recovery) I came across the picture above and joy filled my heart!…yes I know I am very stale! I honestly thought scandal…

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Gladiator in Suit….or Style!

Accessories May 21, 2015 6 Comments

Gladiator Sandals: How To Style Them Fashion is very relative…one person’s fave piece might just turn out to be hated by another, today I give you the case of the Gladiator sandals. Just like jumpsuits I just don’t get them. Don’t get me wrong o! I love seeing people rock ém but I have come to accept the fact that they are just…

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