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African Walnuts: Fruit Of The Week

Food LIFESTYLE March 18, 2019 6 Comments

African walnut (Asala or Awusa in Yoruba; Ukpa in Igbo; and Okhue or Okwe in Edo) belongs to the botanical family Euphorbiaceae.  The African walnuts are characterized by a black thick wall that envelopes a white-cream seed. Its seed kernel is edible. When eaten raw they have a bitter flavour not unlike the kola nut and are considered to be tonic and aphrodisiac. We consume…

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#VeganInNigeria: 6 Days Vegan Meal Timetable You Can Enjoy If You Are A Newbie!

Food LIFESTYLE April 19, 2018 0 Comments

Vegan In Nigeria is a growing movement that encourages Nigerians to eat healthy especially eating more of vegetables, protein and less carbs. Being a vegetarian in Nigeria may be difficult because of the available food here. On social media, the Vegan In Nigeria movement encourages newbies, long time practitioners through timetables available on their social media page. It would be…

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5 Kitchen Tips You Would Learn From The Famous Chef Tolu Erogbogbo

Food LIFESTYLE March 14, 2018 0 Comments

Chef Tolu Erogbobo a.k.a as Chef Eros of Cookie Jar is in the business of cooking good food, luxury meals and making you happy simultaneously. We underestimate some kitchen dos &don’ts forgetting that kitchen accidents occur or never take time to acquire more knowledge or great tips about the food, vegetables you eat. Tips make you have a round knowledge,…

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Oshey!! Watch Banky W Cook Spaghetti & Sea Food Okro In A New Maggi Ad!

ENTERTAINMENT Food LIFESTYLE February 16, 2018 1 Comments

Banky W is here to flaunt his cooking skills in our faces in a new Maggi ad. The Valentine-themed ad showed an all-men theme cooking for their partners which is norm-breaking from the stereotypical “woman in the kitchen”. Here we see Banky W as the main chef with Chef Punshak, Mich, Tai sharing useful tips for cooking for your wife/partner. Watch…

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