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Fashion For Church #64: Flared Skirts/ Dresses For Sunday!

Fashion For Church December 18, 2016 0 Comments

Flared dresses or skirts are almost similar to ball dresses in its full length. They represent class and bring out the feminine side of a lady. It’s just perfect and decent to wear in church. For every flared skirt, the detail is everything! It brings out the beauty in the outfit. You can match a flared skirt with a corporate shirt,…

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LOTD: Lola Akinkunmi Is Giving Us The Two-Piece Vibe!

Look Of The Day December 5, 2016 0 Comments

One of the style staples I can’t do without is the two-piece! I love how Kamdora staff writer Lola Akinkunmi stylishly rocked her coordinates with just an inch of her midriff displayed. It’s especially perfect for this season ( It’s Christmas really soon!!). The floral print is everything and what’s perfect about this look is it fits right on the edges of her…

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Corporate Drapes #307: Be The It-Girl!

Corporate Drapes Uncategorized September 6, 2016 0 Comments

One thing you can definitely find in the work environment is the “styles-of-all-era”. But being the it-girl in the work place could be a double trouble. The it-girl is the lady with class, style, beauty (especially inner beauty),brains..just to cut the list she is the girl who everyone envies. The very first thing to envy is your style/appearance which would…

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