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5 Ways To Use A Blush

Face December 16, 2015 0 Comments

Great Other Ways To Use A Blush Hello ladies, it’s been a great week so far. I hope all the positive results you’re anticipating have started falling in place. I’d love to share these Blush tricks I learnt recently. With these, you can turn that regular Blush palette to a multipurpose makeup item. Here’s how: 1. Blush As An Eyeshadow:…

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How to Fix Your Broken Powder

DIY Tutorials September 11, 2015 0 Comments

How to Fix Your Broken Powder Have you ever had to throw away your expensive powder or some other compact makeup, It can be extremely painful especially when you invested your money in a very expensive product. Cry no more kamdolls, there’s no need to throw away your compact eyeshadow or powder makeup when it breaks. Steps to take: To…

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