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Watch This – 9 Different Ways To Line Your Eyes Perfectly!

BEAUTY How To's June 28, 2017 0 Comments

It’s amazing the skill that goes into getting the best face beat. From applying foundation correctly to contouring and getting the best out of your lipstick- it’s like an endless circle.  Eye makeup is left and one of the most important aspect of eye makeup is getting the eyes lined perfectly. For our beauty tutorial today, we have a beauty…

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How To Apply Eyeliner To The Waterline

Face May 24, 2016 0 Comments

Applying eyeliner to your waterline (inner rim of the eye) can emphasize your eyes and for too long now I’ve always wondered how chics manage to have that perfect eyeliner along their waterline (inner rim of the eyes) blended with their lashes. Well, I finally found the 2-step secret. #Step 1: Choosing Your Eyeliner: When lining your waterline, use a…

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