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10 Things Women Are Insecure About But Men Like

Inspiration Love, Sex and Relationships Skin December 28, 2016 0 Comments

You are insecure about your body, but your man loves you just the way you are. As women, we are sometimes our own worst enemy. Constantly criticising ourselves and drawing our partners attention to our imperfections. An imperfection he’s probably never even noticed or cared about until we point his attention to it. Such imperfections include acne on your face…

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Christmas Eve Big and Beautiful Inspo: Rasputia Latimore From Norbit!

Big and Beautiful December 24, 2016 0 Comments

ok, ok- I know that for those who have seen the movie Norbit (if you haven’t, I worry about you) you know that character wise, Rasputia was not exactly the nicest person. She was constantly angry, always cranky and a general nag. She, however, had one thing that nobody could take away from her and that is CONFIDENCE! Raputia is…

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