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Super Easy Microwave Omelette

Food September 27, 2015 1 Comments

  Super Easy  Microwave Omelette Hey Dolls, Happy Sunday, Today I’m going to show you how to make my famous super easy microwave omelette. Yes Microwave, because your going to make it in the micro wave and it doesn’t even take as long as you use a stove or cooker and best of all you don’t have to stair at it…

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Yummy Fruity Oatmeal

Food September 20, 2015 0 Comments

Yummy Fruity Oatmeal Hey Dolls, Happy Sunday !! We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why would you miss it? Its Sunday morning and your probably rushing to church or too lazy to cook, Here’s a yummy oatmeal recipe that will change the way you look at oats forever. Growing up I hated oat…

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Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Day #1: Spinach + Pineapple

Food Health & Fitness November 26, 2014 1 Comments

Research shows that Breakfast is the most important and elementary meal of the day. This is because it provides energy required to jump start your day helps improve concentration and performance during the course of the day helps with your weight(for dieters) And because we at kamdora.com know that meal prep is very important, everyday for the next 5 days,…

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Breakfast Recipe #2: Tomato Omelette

Food October 16, 2014 2 Comments

The tomato omelette is a healthy and nutritious breakfast.  It is referred to as an omelette because of its visual appearance, but actually contains little or no egg product or its by-product. The tomato omelette gets its very great and unique aroma from the faint umami flavour of the tomatoes. The tomato omelette is a very awesome breakfast recipe because it takes no…

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