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Learn how to turn any Lipstick into Matte!

BEAUTY Face February 11, 2017 0 Comments

Image credit via Instagram@banksbmpro Hey, Kamdolls! Learn easy quick ways to turn your Lipstick into matte! The matte lipstick look is trending and there’s no need to buy all new lipsticks to get this look, which is considered too expensive and unnecessary but you can transform any lipstick into a matte lipstick by using some tissue paper and translucent powder.…

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5 Pre-Bed Tips For Amazing Skin

BEAUTY December 30, 2015 0 Comments

5 Pre-Bed Tips For Amazing Skin Hi ladies, you’ve probably heard of night time routines and all what not. And you might even have your own regimen, yet you wonder why nothing is happening. Beauty sleep is important, but what you do before you conk out (and how you do it) makes a difference in your complexion too. These quick…

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Beauty Ingredients Decoded

Skin November 6, 2015 0 Comments

Beauty Ingredients Decoded I’m a sucker for beauty products so I know it pays to know what we are putting on our skin so as to be sure of what is best for it and what should be avoided. The following are commonly found ingredients in most of our beauty products: 1. Perfume: The term ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ on a skincare…

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How To Wake Up With Perfect Curls

Hair October 13, 2015 2 Comments

How To Wake Up With Perfect Curls Hey ladies, How are you all doing today? I’m doing OK thanks for asking. today I’m going to give the secrets to waking up with perfect curls. It’s not possible to curl your hair every morning because sometimes your in a hurry or too lazy.  This Post is for those mornings all you…

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