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Fun Facts About Sunglasses

Accessories November 19, 2015 1 Comments

Hello Slayers, Hope this sun isn’t getting to you. The heat is not funny at all. Anyways, today I would be discussing some facts about sunglasses. They always come in handy on sunny days like this so I figured we might want to learn a thing or two about sunglasses. Here we go: With the world War 2 brewing, Ray…

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How To Wake Up With Perfect Curls

Hair October 13, 2015 2 Comments

How To Wake Up With Perfect Curls Hey ladies, How are you all doing today? I’m doing OK thanks for asking. today I’m going to give the secrets to waking up with perfect curls. It’s not possible to curl your hair every morning because sometimes your in a hurry or too lazy.  This Post is for those mornings all you…

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Eye Liners#2:Styles

Uncategorized October 10, 2015 7 Comments

Eye liners#2: Styles Hey Ladies, How was your day? Mine was kinda off, today were going to be discussing eye liner styles. If you know me you know I’ll rather be caught dead with out my liner, OK its not that serious but I feel naked with out it. So I’m here with the part 2 on eye-liners and I’m…

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