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Tales Of a Baby Shower – How Our Friend’s Baby Shower Group Almost Ruined Our Friendship

LIFESTYLE March 27, 2018 0 Comments

“No, I think teal green should be the color of the day.” I stared at my phone’s screen as yet another color suggestion popped up from the group chat. For the umpteenth time, I wondered why I had ever volunteered to organize a baby shower for Ngozi. It’s not that Ngozi was a bad person, I just didn’t expect that…

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On World’s Breastfeeding Week, Here Are All The Things You Need To Know!

Family LIFESTYLE August 3, 2017 0 Comments

It is world’s breastfeeding week and we at BabyBliss are going to be enlightening and reminding us about facts on breastfeeding. It’s going to be a whole week of exciting topics like; Things we should know, mostly asked questions etc. Please stand/sit/lie tight as we run you through. What is breast feeding? Health professionals recommend that breastfeeding begins within the…

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Comedian Seyi Law Is Honored With The BabyBliss Father Of The Year Award

Family FEATURES LIFESTYLE June 29, 2017 0 Comments

Social Media is an interesting place. Often times on it, the negative thrives and the positives are sometimes stiffed and silenced. But on some rare occasions, social media magnifies the good in people and enables them to be properly appreciated. One of such good people is Oluwaseyi Lawrence Aletile popularly known as Seyi Law. About nine months ago, (September 2016),…

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