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My ASD Story: With All The Doctors Appointments, The Diagnosis, The Judgmental Stares And Unkind Words……Yet My Son Triumphs.

Family Inspiration LIFESTYLE April 12, 2019 0 Comments

My ASD Story Having a child with autism can be tough. On the really bad days all I can do is try and remember that my children were given to me for a reason. While I’m an imperfect parent, I’m the perfect person to parent my child because God doesn’t make mistakes. On tough days when we have meltdowns and…

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My ASD Story: How I Learnt To dance In The Rain

Inspiration LIFESTYLE March 18, 2019 0 Comments

My ASD Story When my son turned 3, I took him to see a neurodevelopment paediatrician and whole new medical team specialised in identifying and treating developmental delays. I remember sitting across from the doctor and the words ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ came out of his mouth. With my mouth gaping wide and uncontrollable tears streaming down my face, my world…

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