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Ankara Styles #474: Ogochukwu Maduoko And Her Classy Styles

Ankara Styles FASHION and STYLE April 15, 2019 0 Comments

The Nigerian Style Influencer, Ogochukwu Maduoko is one person that made us believe that you don’t need to show some skin to be stylish. She is one moderate and versatile person that we look up to when it comes to fashion. We noticed that Ogochukwu loves the African print and I must tell you that she slays it perfectly! Today,…

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Ankara Styles #389: New Week, New Styles!

Ankara Styles Fashion FASHION and STYLE June 12, 2017 1 Comments

Ankara fashion today has definitely grown and has been exposed for the better to todays modern styles. It’s a new week and there are new Ankara fashion styles. We bet you love Ankara fashion as much as we do.We have seen various ways people have styled Ankara and we absolutely love it. The creative ideas behind the Ankara styles are…

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