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Mastercard Wellness Month: ‘FIT NIGERIA’ Is Giving A 20% Discount!

Health & Fitness MasterCard Wellness Month March 18, 2017 0 Comments

FIT NIGERIA Among other options abundant in choosing a fitness trainer, Obi of Fit Nigeria is your sure bet on this one to get results. Give yourself the best days of your life in Fit Nigeria’s fitness programs. Set your goals for 2017 and get them achieved with one result oriented “fitness professor” that has got the experience and training…

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MasterCard Wellness Month: Dennis Ashley Wellness Centre Is Knocking Off Up To 20%

Health & Fitness MasterCard Wellness Month March 17, 2017 0 Comments

Dennis Ashley Wellness Centre Dennis Ashley Wellness Centre is the first clinical facility in Nigeria that is primarily dedicated to actively helping individuals and establishments and ensuring they become more aware of healthy choices towards a balanced and fulfilling life. By actively promoting wellness as a lifestyle, they educate people to understand that being well, is not just an absence…

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