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Ask Kamdora: How To Make The Tumeric Black Soap With Natural Ingredients!

ASK KAMDORA DIY Tutorials Health & Fitness How To's February 4, 2019 0 Comments

We all know the power of the African black soap to our skin and the hair but there’s so much emphasis on the black soap with the tumeric ingredient. Note that the tumeric ingredient is essential for removing acne, clean and clear skin. It also aids in combating alopecia (hair loss) for those interested in using the black soap as…

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Side Effects Of Slimming Teas

Health & Fitness January 31, 2019 4 Comments

Side Effects Of Slimming Teas A lot of overweight ladies resort to different methods in order to lose weight; exercising, observing weight loss diets, skipping meals and drinking slimming teas. Findings have revealed that drinking slimming tea is the most dangerous method of them all and users believe that the caffeine in the tea is potent enough to increase body…

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Vagina Health Mistakes Many Nigerian Women Make

Health & Fitness LIFESTYLE January 31, 2019 0 Comments

As a lady, taking care of your vagina health is very important. There are so many dangerous infections and diseases out there, you can’t afford to cannot overlook. It is very important you are consciously protecting your health. Today, I would be showing you some vaginal mistakes many Nigerian women make. Vagina Health Mistakes Many Nigerian Women Make 1. Making…

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This African Dance Cardio Routine Would Make You Start Exercising Today

Health & Fitness LIFESTYLE January 30, 2019 0 Comments

When was the last time you worked out? I stopped working out because I felt my routine was becoming very boring. Little did I know that my routine can be fun and yield the expected result. I stumbled on keaira lashae’s African dance cardio routine and I have been loving my exercise since then. When you engage in a dance cardio…

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