Style Request

Style request is an interactive category created for our Kamdolls. This category gives them the opportunity to request a particular style inspiration from our in-house style editor.

Kamdora Fashion: The Stylish Layering Trend We Fell In Love With

FASHION and STYLE Style Request March 18, 2019 0 Comments

For some time now, I observed that Stylish layering is a thing when it comes to fashion. It is advisable that you must be able to learn and know your way around the trend. Layering simply means putting good pieces together to create a significant style. Below are some of the stylish layering trend we fell in love with. One…

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Our Favorite Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019

FASHION and STYLE Style Request February 28, 2019 0 Comments

Paris fashion week is currently on going and we have already started spotting some creativity! We have noticed that people don’t just attend fashion week for attending sake. They go as far as showing how creative they can be on the street. Below are our favorite street style from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019 you missed. Even as the street…

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