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Style request is an interactive category created for our Kamdolls. This category gives them the opportunity to request a particular style inspiration from our in-house style editor.

Kamdora Fashion: 2019 Summer Trend Forecast

FASHION and STYLE Style Request May 30, 2019 0 Comments

One thing you should know about summer is that it isn’t just about sundresses and bikinis. Elle tapped the top buyers from stores like Nordstroms, Net-A-Porter and ModaOperandi to weigh in on the hottest summer trend. This post will show you this year’s summer trend forecast. They talked about serious Venice vibes, a new way to wear your pearls, and…

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Kamdora Fashion: Airy Outfits Are The New Style Rave

Fashion FASHION and STYLE Style Request May 10, 2019 0 Comments

As we gradually approach the hot season, we see more of airy outfits. When we say ‘airy dresses’ we are referring to maxi dresses, slip dresses, pleated skirts etc. Over the week, we saw some of our favourite people wear these dresses and this made us ask are airy dresses the new style rave? Once upon a time, people never…

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Here Is How Some Of Our Favourite People Wore Animal Print This Week

FASHION and STYLE Style Request May 9, 2019 0 Comments

On this week’s episode of fashion and style, we will be showing you the way some of our favourite people slayed the animal print. This is some sort of inspirational post for your fashion and style. We are using this medium to celebrate these people for always being a source of inspiration to us. Check out the pictures below.

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Want To Take Your Summer Selfie To The Next Level? Check Out These Sunglasses Brands

Fashion FASHION and STYLE Style Request May 6, 2019 0 Comments

We have come to the time of the year we start talking about summer. As we all know, summer is on the horizon which means more swimwear and sunglasses brands! We know that Ray-Ban and Celine has been serving us some classic styles when it comes to sunglasses but did you know there are other brands we’ve got our eyes…

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Wardrobe Staple: 5 Tops That Will Look Great With Everything In Your Closet

FASHION and STYLE Style Request April 19, 2019 0 Comments

One wardrobe staple you will always find in a lady’s closet is cotton tops. The problem I have with them is that some ladies think these tops can only be styled with a pair of joggers, jeans or shorts. Can we prove you wrong today? We would be showing you 5 tops that will look great with EVERYTHING in your…

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