IJGB (I Just Got Back) is a category to showcase Nigerian brands targeting readers in the Diaspora.

IJGB: My Thoughts On R and R Luxury Black Body Soap When I Tried It Out….

BEAUTY IJGB Reviews December 28, 2016 0 Comments

So, I am back again with another review of a Made-in -Nigeria products for all my fellow IJGB (I Just Got Back) in Nigeria at the moment either visiting for Christmas or New Year holiday.  Surely this is the best time to discover new Nigerian brands and start preparing your list of what to buy before heading back to your…

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IJGB: Ivy Barber – One Of The Most Comfortable Shoe Brand In The Market

IJGB November 9, 2016 0 Comments

Today’s IJGB (I Just Got Back); a section all about showcasing Nigerian brands is focused on home-made footwear brands called Ivy Barber founded by Miss Tutu. It is a unisex footwear brand, 100% made in Nigeria by local artisans. Their footwear looks really comfortable and of course, with their diverse colors and design, it’s definitely one of those statement footwear…

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IJGB: Introducing The First Nigerian Footwear Brand – Kene Rapu

IJGB Reviews October 6, 2016 0 Comments

Today, I visited the self-claimed first Nigerian footwear brand: Kene Rapu. The Ankara footwear brand was set up in October 2011, by female entrepreneur Kene Rapu. It was launched as an initiative to promote the development of Nigerian fashion industry by providing employment and support for indigenous producers. Apart from women slippers, Kene Rapu also stock Ankara cover notebooks/diary and…

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IJGB: Discover Dapmod – The Nigerian Sunglasses Heaven

Accessories IJGB Reviews September 29, 2016 0 Comments

Today, I visited one of the Nigerian sunglasses heaven store – Dapmod located at N°19A Fola Oshibo, Lekki and I can say I had a great In-store experience. Dapmod is 100% Nigerian sunglasses brand founded in 2014 . Their sunglasses comes at affordable prices with varieties of style from geeky frames, cat eyes shapes to aviator style. Dapmod has been spotted on several fashionistas’…

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