Hijab And Turban Styles

4 Quick and Easy Head-wrap/Turban Styles

BEAUTY Hijab And Turban Styles Uncategorized June 4, 2018 0 Comments

Stepping up your game in the fashion industry doesn’t really have to be about fancy things. It is about how well you can combine different things together and still have that perfect look. Remember when the OFF-WHITE belt was trending? That is a simple example of spicing up your look. Sometimes, our pocket might not be friendly but that shouldn’t…

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Mattel Inc. Launches First Hijab Barbie To Honour American Fencer-Ibtihaj Mohammad!

Celebrity ENTERTAINMENT Hijab And Turban Styles Hijab Styles November 16, 2017 0 Comments

In 2016, Ibtihaj Mohammad made history when she became the first hijab-woman among the American Fencer team at the Olympics. This time, the most epic in the history of inclusivity and representation, she now has a Barbie after her! This would be the first hijab-wearing barbie produced by the American toy company, Mattel. This is a special edition Barbie called…

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3 Nigerian Hijab Online Store You Should Try Out!

Hijab And Turban Styles Hijab Styles November 10, 2017 1 Comments

You can now order for trendy hijab pieces online since everything we do is online. It’s very enterprising that hijab fashion doesn’t stop at posting pictures of how good one’s clothes fit or look. Modest fashion is going a step further  by creating online businesses for other people to purchase. Habiba Da Silva’s ELMNT collection was quite a head turner! Her scarf…

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Hijab & Turban Styles: Fall Favourites!

Hijab And Turban Styles October 13, 2017 0 Comments

October is officially Fall season and there’s no way we weren’t gonna talk about fashion trends for 2017. Fall is a season where your not-so-colourful outfits come alive to play! We would definitely love to play with colours like nudes, olive green, grey, burgundy, maroon etc. The fact that it’s Fall doesn’t mean boring and unattractive but a combination of…

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Hijab & Turban Styles: Every Hijabite Should Rock This Floral Scarf From Elora Collection!

Hijab And Turban Styles October 6, 2017 0 Comments

What can an hijabi possibly do without a statement hijab? We all know the importance of having our head covered nothing stops us from covering our head with beautiful pieces like the new floral print scarves from Elora. Elora Collections caters for modest women from stunning abaya set, scarves and stylish modest wears. Hafsah Mohammed who runs the brand has a…

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