Beauty Meets Fashion, Art And Entertainment At The 2nd Annual World PR Beauty Business Week

BEAUTY Face KAMDORA EVENTS Makeup And The Gele Nails Skin October 11, 2018 0 Comments

The Second Edition of the World Pr Beauty Business Week is fast approaching and the organizers have decided to bring together a group of both local and international press, key influencers and stakeholders to tour the beauty industry in Nigeria. The event which will be holding from the  2nd to the 4th November this year will include three days of Press Conference, Influencers and Stakeholder Brunches, Nights of Presentations on how Beauty Meets Fashion, Beauty Meets Art, and Beauty Meets Entertainment.…

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Beauty Tips – A Dozen Of Natural Nail Care Tips To Try At Home

BEAUTY Nails August 31, 2018 0 Comments

Nails are one of the elements that reflect your health condition. However, some people forget to take care of them. In contrast, others spend too much time on the nail salon, which may lead to the dangerous nail inflammation. Therefore, what are the right ways to protect and keep your nails healthy? In this writing today, we will show you…

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