Pregnancy Checklist: Your First Trimester To-Dos

Pregnancy Checklist: Your First Trimester To-Dos

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed the moment you find out you are pregnant. You start to think of a whole lot of things that can in one way or the order make you freak out and feel happy at the same time. This anti sanity-saving pregnancy checklist will help you track your first trimester to-dos.


  • Take a pregnancy test
  • Tell your partner the good news
  • Find an ob-gyn or other prenatal care provider
  • Schedule your first prenatal checkup
  • Check your health insurance policy to see what prenatal and childbirth care is covered
  • Figure out how pregnancy, baby and maternity leave will affect your finances
  • Create a savings plan for your child’s future expenses and education.
  • Estimate how much raising a baby will cost and start saving accordingly
  • Go to your first prenatal checkup (right around week 8)


  • Talk to your doctor about any prenatal testing you should (or want) to get
  • Consider doing a First Trimester Screening to determine the risk of any chromosomal abnormalities in baby (between weeks 11 and 14)
  • Complete your nuchal translucency screening (between weeks 10 and 12)
  • If you’ve been planning to change your last name before baby is born, now is a good time.
  • Go to your next doctor’s appointment

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