Five Hundred Thousand Naira (A Story of Love)

Five Hundred Thousand Naira (A Story of Love)


This is the exact amount of money that Amaka’s love ended up costing. Day in, day out, Amaka had been going on blogs and websites and picking up books like “How to become the woman he wants” and “Tricks of Staying in Love” and they all seemed to say the same thing.

Then one day, she stumbled on this piece and it came from an angle she had never tried before. She’d gone through all the usual ones; submit to your man, be your own boss, lose weight for him, get sexy for him and they had all still landed her right back in the same spot- single and alone. So when she stumbled on that article, she was willing to give it a try.

It was called “Love don’t cost a thing” and was written by a lady called Julia Ross- who claimed that her realisations had not only gotten her the man of her dreams but had also gotten said guy to walk her down the aisle and then put two buns in her oven. She was reasoning from an angle totally different: A relationship where the woman demanded nothing.

Her take was that the reason why men run away from us is because we are constantly buying, shopping or following some new trend. If it’s not some Gucci bag today, it is Brazilian hair tomorrow or a trip to Dubai the day after. She said that by nature, women were generally ‘materialistic’ and a lot of decent men immediately saw this as warning signs and took off. She preached about how women needed to be more independent and needed to stop expecting the man to pay their every bill and even preached that women ought to put themselves in the men’s shoes and see what it’s like to constantly look after themselves and someone else.

You need to understand that at this point, Amaka had tried everything and she was generally just tired of being alone so she decided that the next guy she met, she would have a motto: ‘Love don’t cost a thing’.

On a Saturday while getting lunch, Amaka met a nice looking guy. They got talking and ended up taking the same table and ordering together since they had so much in common. It was a pleasant afternoon and by the time the bill came; Amaka decided she was not letting this one slip through her fingers. She immediately brought out her card and paid the 28,000 naira Casper and Gambini’s bill because she wanted Ola to know that ‘her love don’t cost a thing’. He seemed impressed and she became excited about Julia Ross. So she went back and read the piece again.

The week after, she and Ola went for dinner and again; ‘her love didn’t cost a thing’. After a couple of dates like that; Ola asked to be her boyfriend, she agreed and was over the moon. From then on her love cost nothing. When Ola’s phone broke; she promptly ran to SLOT and bought him the iphone7 because she wanted to remind him that her love cost nothing. It went on for weeks and one day looking at her bank statements, Amaka realised her account was red. With her tail between her legs, she sent Ola a message asking him to lend her some cash as she was broke and Ola replied that he knew she would end up being like all the other women whose love had cost something and promptly broke things off.

At the end of the month, her account statement showed that she had spent a total of five hundred thousand naira on lunch dates, movies, an iphone7, DSTV bills (which she renewed about three times for Ola) and a host of other things. At least now, Amaka had landed in a slightly different spot; single, alone and broke.

It turns out that the price to prove that ‘love don’t cost a thing’- is five hundred thousand naira.

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