Finding The Best Exercises For Your Age Period

Finding The Best Exercises For Your Age Period

No pain no gain. Exercises are important for you to stay strong and maintain your summer body always, no matter what age you are. This post will help you to find the best exercises for your age period.

Want to stay strong and healthy even in your old age? If yes, exercise is a requirement to achieve this. I know it’s not easy sometimes, but you’ll love the results if you can just endure the pain. Nothing good comes easy.

Check out below to find which exercises are best for your age period.

20s: At this age you’re at the peak of physical performance so you can perform any type of exercise you want. I recommend regular exercises like spinning, running in the morning and boxing. This is the age you must maintain healthy eating diets and exercise habits because your 20s will reflect in a large part of your later life.

30s: This is the stretching period of your life. A straightforward way for you to find stretching exercises is by joining a yoga class or doing Pilates. Yoga types like Vinyasa or Jivamukti will help you greatly. One thing about yoga is that it is a great reliever of stress and believe me the 30s is a stress packed period of your life

40-50s: This is the period where we start to lose the most weight compared to the other periods so weightlifting and body weights will be very beneficial for you. These kinds of exercises will help you reduce body fat and improve hormonal health.

60s: Your focus during this period should be on maintaining your flexibility, balance and strength as we know these features start to reduce during this time. You should train with weights more now than in your 40-50s, so you can maintain your muscle mass, and then you can chip in a few stretching exercises here and there during workout. Swimming as a regular exercise is a clever idea during this period.

70s+: Take the exercise down a notch with low intensity training exercises like t’ai chi. T’ai chi helps in maintaining balance and keeping the joints healthy. This is very good because Joint pains and balance problems cause the most pain in this age period.

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