Did You Know: The Real Fat Content of Nigerian Meals?

Did You Know: The Real Fat Content of Nigerian Meals?

Did You Know: The Real Fat Content of Nigerian Foods?High Calorie Alert: Nigerian Meals To Stay Away From #1

Hello ladies…

How are you? Feeling healthy and fit already? I found a goldmine while surfing the net and I knew I couldn’t just keep this to myself.

Now before you go ahead to start reading through, I’ve to warn you that this information is quite heartbreaking. I mean, the number of dishes I thought were harmless……. Now I’ve to stay away from all on them, or at least cut back a great deal.

Good news is, it’s all about determination, discipline and self denial. Bad news is, you’re going to have to fight harder to neat those cravings, because there’re about to hit harder than ever.

Now let’s take a look at our basic Nigerian foods and their calorie contents.

Egusi Soup

The basic Egusi Soup enriched with few chunks of stockfish and two pieces of meat contains a total of roughly 700 calories per serving. Egusi is very high in fat content. It has about 60% fat.

Okra Soup

Okra soup with about one or two pieces of fish and a minimal amount of palm oil would be very good. Okra soup alone contains about 105 calories only per serving.

Ewedu Soup

A serving of Ewedu alone without meat contains only 97 calories.

Moi Moi

These are the calories in moi moi using the following ingredients:

White beans 1/2 cup (peak evaporated milk cup): 189 calories

1/5 teaspoon of curry powder: 1 calorie

1 tbsp salt: 0 calories

1/2 tbsp groundnut oil: 60 calories

1/4 slice onion: 16 calories

1 oz Crayfish

Maggi Cube: 5 calories

Fried Plantain

1 Slice of Fried plantain contains 68 calories

Wheat Flour

1 cup of wheat flour contains 455 calories and the nutritional values are as follows. Carbohydrates 96g, Protein 12.9g and Fat 1.2g.

I told you it was heartbreaking……

Now that we’ve known these facts, it’s time to incorporate them into our daily meals, cut down on them, or just go vegan all together.



Source: EdenLifeNigeria

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