The Best Pre-Poo Regimen With Aloe Vera By Youtuber Naptural 85!

The Best Pre-Poo Regimen With Aloe Vera By Youtuber Naptural 85!

16229511_1839568466282881_6068737855230836736_nHave you ever tried to use the aloe vera plant to pre-poo your hair before washing? Well, maybe you probably don’t know the importance of pre-pooing your natural hair before conditioning. What pre-pooing does for your hair is that it keeps moisture in your hair when added with necessary oils.

Naptural 85 is your best bet to learn natural hair tips to feed your natural hair with the best nutrient that there is. As she confirms that aloe vera pre-pooing method is best for all natural hair type should be a motivating factor for all natural hair lovers.

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✨The BEST Pre-Poo for Natural Hair || All Textures✨ Thank you guys so much for all the positive feedback on the new pre-poo video!! I’m so happy to see that so many of you have tried and loved it!! For those asking, I get my GIANT aloe vera leaves from my local Whole Foods! 🍃 — Complete detailed video at in the "DIY Hair Products" playlist [channel linked in bio] —————————— 🔸Step 1: From aloe plant, slice off as many sections as needed [I use two for my own head, that third one is for my daughter] then slice those sections in half to get to the gel inside. 🔸Step 2: Prep oils in a bowl, or applicator bottle. I'm using olive oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil | 2 TBL of each. 🔸Step 3: Section hair [reduces breakage + helps you get to your scalp] then apply that GOOOD ISHHH! [aloe vera gel…😝] 🔸Step 4: Grab some of that oil on your fingers, and spend some time massaging it into your scalp! This feels magical btw…🦄 🔸Step 5: Spritz hair with water and apply oils to your hair shaft and ends… 🔸Step 6: Twist it up! 🔸Step 7: Allow it to penetrate and dry in your hair overnight 🌙 The next morning you'll see how moisturized and healthy your hair and scalp look and feel!✨✨ 🔸Step 8: Wash out with your normal wash routine! [ps. Uploading my new wash routine soon! ✊🏾] Xo!! ❤️ #NaturalHair

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