Fashion And Lifestyle: A Copy And Paste System You Have To Edit To Suit Your Taste!

Fashion And Lifestyle: A Copy And Paste System You Have To Edit To Suit Your Taste!
Fashion And Lifestyle

When we talk about fashion, it is like a tree with many branches; it spreads out to clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles and lifestyle. It moulds our everyday life. People, each day, look for ways to style their clothes better and differently, what hairstyle fits them more, how they wear their accessories and cosmetics that makes their skin pop colors or glow.

A wise man once said, You are addressed by the way you are dressed!

Lifestyle, on the other hand is trend of everything fashionable. The fashion trend, as they call it. It is like an insatiable longing for something new or spectacular. The way we view it and express it. As we see social media everyday and in every minute there is either something revised or removed or automated to attract the users appeal.

There used to be a time when as a lady, you would have to sit in the beauty parlor for hours to twist your hair in a million braids, but now, it’s been made easy for you in a wig. You don’t have to go and sit all the time to get your hair done anymore.

Fashion evolves! We see trends of the late eighties and nineties coming back in vogue or being recycled so it would fit in and stand out. It is a trend that has been adopted for years now and have been passed down to many generations. If you are a lover of style and fashion and very observant, you would see that they are not trying to takeover but blend the oldies with the newbies!

Fashion has fine tuned its way into lifestyle gradually. We see celebrities, influencers, bloggers, public figures, even regular people compete on who is the most fashionable in the industry and many of them trend for a very long time.

From Color blocks for two piece clothes, to Boyfriend/Mom jeans, Leather jackets and skirts, Bootcut jeans, Toms shoes, Loafers, Brogues, Floral flared/pleated skirts, Berets, Dungarees, Suspenders, Jumpsuits/Playsuits, Bodysuits/Rompers, Durags/Bandannas, Pantyhose, Bum shorts, Vintage/Retro glasses frames, Fruity Lipglosses, Natural skincare/hair treatments, Turtle/Halter neck tops, High soled shoes and sandals and a rave of many others.

To people that appreciate lifestyle/fashion there is always something to look out for. It is like having a copy and paste system, but editing it along the line to suit your taste.

Fashion is the soul of lifestyle, lifestyle on the other hand desires fashion to expand her wide horizons. They are one for another, and they are definitely whole together.

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