Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

One thing I have noticed about women is that they get too busy and neglect themselves. As much as you make out time for your family and work, you should also make out time for yourself. Today, I will be showing you some health symptoms women should never ignore. 

Another thing I noticed about women is that we ignore some health symptoms all in the name of body change. You need to be at alert to avoid some life-threatening diseases. Below are the symptoms you should never ignore.

  1. Extreme Tiredness: Women get tired easily because of the workload they bear. Some times, your tiredness can be caused by depression, heart disease or sleep apnea.

    Acute fatigue also can also show hypothyroidism. If you feel this way everyday, you should visit the doctor.

  2. Unusual discharge: One thing you must always remember is that vaginal discharge is normal. This helps in keeping the vagina moist and protects us from infection. Your discharge should be clear and white but if you notice a change in colour and smell, then you should go and check yourself.

  3. Abdominal Bloating and Pain, Change in Bowel Habits: This indicates a very serious condition like colon cancer. You need to get a diagnosis before symptoms become worse.
  4. Pain or Discomfort in Chest: The sign of coronary artery disease, that can lead to a heart attack is not always obvious in women. If you are having trouble exerting yourself, have discomfort or pain in your chest or you’re just not feeling normal, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  5. Breast Lumps: Lumps in the breast could signals breast cancer. You must know that not all lumps in the breast are cancerous. It is advisable to examine them monthly to detect lumps.

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