Colour Correctors

Colour Correctors
Colour Correctors

Colour Correctors

I’m sure you’ve tried buying concealers before and you found different colours, like green, orange etc. and you were wondering what they’re used for. Well its simple, this coloured concealers aka colour correctors help to conceal eyebags, discolouration, redness, bruises and other spots by providing maximum coverage.

Its best to apply it first before wearing your foundation. its a good fit for people with a lot of spots or any facial problem. It also helps neutralise the coloured area.

Colour Wheel

If you have a particular coloured spot, you’ll want to colour correct with the colour that is directly opposite on the colour wheel. For instance if the spot is red, colour correct with a green colour corrector.

People with light complexions can use lighter colours like light peach, lavender, and light green while darker complexions can use orange and peachy correctors.

If you’re not sure about the colour that works best with your skin tone, visit a good makeup store. if you already know your spot colour and figured out what colour correctors you need then head to Beautykink.

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