Breakfast Smoothie Recip: Apple + Spinach (Waterleaf)

Breakfast Smoothie Recip: Apple + Spinach (Waterleaf)


Because we at know that meal prep is very important, in 5  series we will be sharing healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothie recipes you ought to try for breakfast the following day.And in case you missed it, this is the recipe for #day 1.

The apple+ spinach/ waterleaf breakfast smoothie is a rich source of calcium, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Having both fruits makes this recipe very nutritious and able to aid digestion, prevent various types of cancer and diabetes, aid liver detoxification and is very good for pregnant women.

What you’ll need

Substitute spinach for waterleaf

-Spinach (substitute for waterleaf)

-Lemon juice

-Apples (cut into medium squares)

-Fresh milk (optional)

-Ice cubes


How to make the Apple + Spinach smoothie

spinach and aplle

a. prepare the lemon juice by wringing out the juice from the the fruit.

b. grate/ blend an apple or 2 (to taste).

1. Wash properly and chop your spinach (substitute spinach for waterleaf).

2. Grind this in a blender with milk (fresh, whole or skimmed).

3. Add ice cubes and the lemon juice to it and churn again.

4. Add the grated/blended apple and stir well.

5. Pour out into a glass and serve.

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